house – day 94 – more prep

We stayed over at the Premier Inn last night and we were so keen on getting on with the house, that we didn’t linger for an all-you-can-eat fry-up at the Beefeater. We thought we’d pick up breakfast in town, so I dropped Fiona off and parked the car by the house and walked back into town to meet her. It was a glorious day, one that should be spent on the beach, not cooped up indoors decorating a house, but that’s what we’re here for right now, and that’s what we did. After a quick brekky at Costa (all our favourite places were too full), we got back to the house and on with work.

I spent the entire morning sanding, filling and scraping doors. four hours went by incredibly quickly.

Whilst I was doing that, Fiona cleared up the rubbish and bagged the packaging from our recent purchases ready for recycling. There’s a lot of stuff from the delivery of the kitchen. Following which, she primed doors the doors I’d prepped earlier.

In the kitchen, I painted the bare plaster on beam, it’s a bit rough and will need more filling and sanding. With the remaining diluted emulsion, I painted the shower room ceiling, which took too long to do as I used the small roller I’d used for the kitchen beam. I didn’t want to dirty a new wide roller.

In the upstairs bathroom, I installed a wooden plastering guide for Marc. This marks the boundary between the future wall tiles and the painted part of the wall.

We spent the rest of the day tidying and then drove home. For a change, the bank holiday traffic was not bad and we were home in the usual time.

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