house – day 84 – plastered

It was a slow (and late) start today, thanks to private view with Doug last night at the Museum of London in Docklands. I’d had a few too many pints of Black Dragon before and white wine at the reception, plus whatever it was we drank afterwards.

On the way, I called in at Screwfix, to pick up a new work light as the old one didn’t seem to be working anymore (plus I fancied getting one that didn’t get through so many bulbs) and stopped at Johnstones to get a load of paint for the doors and kitchen.

Chris had started on the floor tiles in the kitchen, they look pretty good, worth the money, I think. The plasterers are working in the shower room, they’d almost finished. And the old work light was working again, it turned out the bulb I had replaced had popped out of the socket. (It was dark when I changed it, I couldn’t see). The plasterers had fixed it.

Chris texted me to ask if I was there and could he come up after the plasterers had left – and he added he would be coming in tomorrow. On Saturday? Has he forgotten it’s Friday today?

Once everyone had left, I got on with painting the kitchen. I would like to get the painting finished before the units go in. It will be much more difficult painting once they’re installed. I got a second coat on the kitchen walls and ceiling. Even with the two work lights, it’s difficult to see how well the paint is going on, it was a slow job. Consequently, it was pretty late by the time I finished and well after half-past ten when I got home. A long day.

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