house – day 82 – getting ready

I spent today getting current jobs finished in preparation for the next major tasks, plastering and floor tiling. Once they’ve been done, we can start installing things.

Most of the boarding in the bathroom is complete, but it can’t be finished as we need the pipework for the shower mixer in place in the wall

Simon has built the bathroom door frame and fitted the door (it’s another warped wonder).

The tiles have arrived – it took a while to go through the numerous heavy boxes and count the tiles. There are a few chipped tiles and a broken one, but there seem to be too few tiles for the bathroom, shower rom and toilet walls. I’ll check tomorrow.

Chris has levelled the kitchen floor and sealed it.

… and I got the kitchen walls painted and another side of a another door prepped. How many left to do? I think it’s nine more sides to go.

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