house – day 80 – half-painted

Back to the house after a day off and a half day’s work the day before. It’s too easy to lose your momentum, when you’re not close by the site.

After the usual early morning email round-up, I set off for the house.

It felt a little quiet at the house today, only one person (plumber) working here when I turned up. I spent some time tidying up the study – mostly moving sheet materials to the hall so we could get to the radiator hidden behind a lot of stuff and to look at the work we would need to do in this room. I started removing the radiator in the study, as I loosened the first joint and the remaining water in the rad drained through a pipe the plumber was just about to solder. Fortunately he hadn’t started, I thought the system had been drained. He helped me move remove the old study and the hall radiators, so at last we’re able to get the last of the new ones on the walls.

Once the radiators were removed, I stripped the two walls behind them, a job I wasn’t looking forward to, but it turned out to be pretty easy and the study wall turned out to be in pretty good shape under several layers of paint, paper and distemper. Stripping the hall wall revealed a curious arrangement of varnish and bare plaster. Something had been built there, in the past, but what it might have been is a mystery.

The electricians came in to do the wiring for boiler – the motorised valve, tank thermostat, etc and departed as quickly as they turned up.

I spent the rest of the day painting a base coat on the bare plaster in the kitchen. I had to stop when I ran out of light and paint – it wasn’t worthwhile mixing up another batch of dilute emulsion, when I couldn’t see how well it was going on the walls. A sort of successful day, but frustrating as one of the day’s main tasks, wasn’t completed.

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