house – day 77 – plumbing matters

Yesterday, the plumbers came back, there’s still a lot to do. It’s pretty fiddly work right now, threading pipes through the new airing cupboard in the front bedroom, so progress seems slow.

When I arrived, there were a good few questions for me to answer about locations of basins, showers, radiators etc. I promised to mark out location for pipes over the weekend.

It’s difficult to work in the house when plumbing and electrical work is going on. A lot of the time floorboards are up and there are tools all over the place etc, so I think it’s best to leave them to get on with the work we’re paying them to do and find something else to do. I’ll wait until they’ve gone, before carrying on with the shower work.

I spent the rest of the time the guys were working on the house, measuring and checking the bathroom and I stripped the old tiles from around the toilet. There is already new pipework in place, so some of the tiles will remain, but they’ll be covered up with a false wall to cover the pipework. The toilet will probably be the last room to be completed, it’s not an easy place in which to work and with two new toilets in place, it will be less important than it is now.

I measured the cubicle wall once again and went to B&Q to get some additional timber. I came back and worked until late. I spent a good deal of time measuring and setting the laser level, to make sure I got it right and I used some of the sheets of OSB that were in the hall to make the wall.  It was getting late and got tired, after slicing the rear reception floor under the board I was cutting, I decided it was time to go home. Still, the first board was in place and it was accurate to better than 1mm.

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