house – day 72 – cleaning up

Yesterday, my sister and family visited the house, to have a look around, both at the house and the town we’re going to live in. They liked them both. It was a day for socialising, consequently, we didn’t do any work.

Today though, despite it being a bank holiday weekend, we were both at the house to try to get more done.

Fiona was desperate to clean up the house, which is understandable, but actually pointless whilst we’re still knocking down walls, but I couldn’t stop her. As building work had stopped for a short while, (the main building work is nearly complete now), most of the builders’ gear had been cleared out, so at least cleaning was relatively easy. After clearing up, she set to work painting emulsion on the wallpaper in the living room, to protect it prior to decorating it. We’d picked up some paint on the way over.

I carried on with stripping and sanding the doors.

We made good progress today, but there’s still a lot more to do – the photos don’t do justice to the amount of work we completed today.

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