house – day 69 – what’s gone on?

I was anxious to see what had happened at the house over the last three days (although I’d been away for five, nothing happens at the weekend if we’re not there), but I let the rush hour traffic die down before leaving. I loaded our new fire surround in the truck and set out for the house. The Navara now seems to be fixed, the 4WD light is now off and the transmission isn’t as noisy as it was, so that’s a relief, but now the air-con isn’t working. It’s one thing after another. I’m still not entirely convinced the transmission is fixed, but as the bill for the repair was hundreds, rather than thousands of pounds, I’ll leave it for now.

Once I got to the house, the first thing to do was to check out the work and to talk through any issues that had arisen in the last few days.

The new kitchen floor is now complete, bar a little boarding over the old floor. The aperture for bifold doors has been cut in the internal walls, so we can now see the true size of them. The RSJ is now clad with fireproof board and the shower room partition wall boarded. There’s timber work for the false floor in the shower room, the old kitchen door frame was gone and most of the bathroom things from Plumb Center had arrived. UK Power Networks had done their stuff under the stairs and a lot of other smaller jobs were complete.

After a good look around and a chat with the guys, I unloaded the fire surrounded and placed it alongside the fire surround in the living room. They match very nicely. I spent the rest of the day removing the remaining door hinges and getting them cleaned up. It’s about time the doors went back into place to protect rooms as they get prepped for decoration.

It’s a relief to be back at the house and getting on with things. We went out for a curry to celebrate when I got back to the flat. Lame excuse, we know.

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