house – day 61 – back on the road

At 10:30 this morning, I picked up the hire car I’d booked yesterday. I’d left it to later in the morning to collect the car, as the traffic around the flat gets pretty solid during rush hour. The car was a new Ford Focus. I’d hoped at least I could take comfort in a more commodious journey to and from the house whilst the truck was off the road, but that little perk proved not to be forthcoming, the Focus was something of a disappointment. The seats and driving position of the car are very nicely worked out, as are the electronic toys (even on this base-spec model), but the 1600cc engine struggled to get the car moving – worrying when joining motorways – and I was astonished at how much road noise there was in the cabin. I quickly got my iPhone BT’d into the car’s system and played my music to ameliorate the effects of the noise. (I normally drive in silence – I don’t do background music). It was pretty late when I got to the house, so it was going to be pretty short day’s work here, as I would be leaving early, to meet Phil to buy him a drink and meal to thank him for his efforts at the house a few days after we’d just moved in.

Some of the radiators and most of the toilets had been delivered yesterday, so that was good – I hadn’t been notified of any deliveries. The scaffolding had been moved from the side of the house to the back, so the roof repair could be completed. Paul was finishing off the prep work in the front sitting room and would be out of the house today – for a couple of weeks or so whilst he worked on other jobs and worked progressed in the house. I had a good chat with him about the next steps. In particular, what we could do to get rooms prepped for him to do his stuff, to speed things up (and save money) when he starts again. I got on with the doors in the shed, using wire wool, Nitromoors and aluminium oxide paper to remove the remaining paint from the doors I’d been stripping. Once I’d completed that relatively small task, it was time to go home, I’d had no time to get any photos. Today’s photo is from lunch, a sandwich on a bench, looking out to sea – quite restful, actually.

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