house – day 47 – a lot of hot air

During the working week, I usually go to the house on Monday, but as I’d been there over the whole weekend (and caught a cold), I decided to stay at home yesterday and source more material for the house. Tiles, bathroom furniture, etc. There’s still a long list of stuff for us to get. We had a look at tiles again (visits to N&C and Topps) and I think we’ve made progress – we’re getting closer to a colour scheme and the types of tile we’re interested in.

Paul, the decorator, started yesterday and I’d like to see how he’s getting on with the work we’ve done in the small front bedroom. (I also need to explain the picture rail cock-up.) Also, Chris sent me an email overnight that had me a little worried (more issues, more expense), so I need to talk to him too, plus I have all the other work – a visit to the house is definitely required.

The work Paul has done so far is improving the look of the front bedroom in leaps and bounds. Preparation work seems to take such a long time and there seems to be little reward for all the work – until you start putting things back. Thankfully, the picture rail may not be so much of an issue. Paul will use the piece I cut and build it up and re-shape it to match the profile of the existing woodwork.

I gave him the hinges I’d cleaned up over the weekend – turns out they’re the same type as the ones on his own house, which is in a street not very far from our house. I cleaned up another pair of hinges I’d recovered last week and then set to work on stripping the paint from one of the doors.

I chose the smallest, plain, door from the old pantry to strip. I intend to use this door to replace the hollow-core door to the under stairs space. I chose this one to check how easy (or otherwise) it is to clean up and it’s less of a risk if I make a mess of it. I can always use a brand new door in this relatively concealed location. The other doors I have will be located in more prominent places and will need to be right. It took about four hours of scraping to get the bulk of the paint from the woodwork. The wood looks pretty good underneath all the paint (there’s an amazing pile of paint lying on the workshop floor). There have been a few repairs to the door, but that’s part of its history. I’ll clean the other doors I’ve similarly salvaged, but these will involve a lot more work as there are quite complicated mouldings around the four panels in each door. There’s a lot of paint on these doors too. I had a quick go at the corner of a panel on the kitchen door – it’s going to be a slow process.

Whilst I was stripping the door, Chris turned up and we went through all the issues. It’s not as bad as I feared. That’s often the case, when you’re away and can’t see the problem, it always feels much worse.

I drove home pretty satisfied with the day’s work. For the first time in a couple of weeks.

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