house – day 210 – 213 – more of the same

Back from town, three more days of work on the house to look forward to. It’s a familiar story. Work on a surface to prepare it for painting, find some more problems, work out how to fix them and then fix them. Nothing is consistent in this house, on one wall the cornice might be intact with solid paintwork and the on the next wall, the cornice edges are friable and paint can be peeled away without tools. So one part you can rub down, wipe clean and paint, relatively quickly. The other part has to be carefully stripped, filled, painted with special primer and then painted. It’s dispiriting – what one feels should take a couple of hours, often takes more than a day.

Anyway, here’s a summary of what we managed to do this weekend.

The kitchen table and benches we had built, were delivered. They’re mostly made from reclaimed roof joists (and weigh a ton). It’s a great counterpoint to the shiny doors and smooth worktops of the rest of the kitchen. Unfortunately the table is a bit too tall, so I had to trim 35mm from the legs, which levelled it up too (it was slightly wobbly). Most of the bare plaster now has at least one base coat. I’ve put extra shelves in the kitchen cabinets and the final (standalone) toilet is now installed. I’ve also replaced two of the end panels in the kitchen. The ones Chris put in had chipped edges. More of the office furniture is complete, we swapped Fiona’s rectangular desk for a corner unit, but we’re still short of some doors. Back to IKEA again soon.

That’s it, back to UCL on Monday, ready for more next weekend. Fiona in the meantime will be struggling on with walls and woodwork.

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