house – day 203 – 206 – creeping forwards

Four days back at the house, pushing things on, bit-by-bit.

Our bedroom furniture turned up earlier than expected, on Saturday. We were told in the shop to expect it early October. Great, now we’ll have somewhere to put our clothes and perhaps one room in the house can look a little more homely.

Unfortunately, the first package I opened – a wardrobe base – was damaged, as were the contents. It looked like the box (which was pretty heavy) had been dropped. I opened the second package containing a wardrobe base, which was OK and built the first wardrobe. It went together easily enough, but the doors didn’t close properly and the hinges were not adjustable. We opened the rest of the packages, creating huge mounds of recycling in the process and installed the furniture in our bedroom. After a bit of discussion, we decided that there was only really room for one wardrobe, so we decided to return the damaged one and get a refund, rather than a replacement. I used the second pair of doors (which were OK) to complete our wardrobe and re-boxed the dodgy stuff. A partial success, then. Nothing ever seems to get completed.

With the flooring down in the office, we’ve now got most of the furniture installed, but again it’s not complete as IKEA didn’t have enough doors at Lakeside, despite the web site saying otherwise. Yet another trip back to flat-pack heaven and another job not complete. We’ve been working on the upper hall too, in attempt to complete the top floor of the house decoration. Again it’s slow work as there are so many rough bits to attend to. I had to wrap things up early afternoon on Monday, as I’m back in town at UCL for the rest of the week.

If there is any progress right now it’s almost imperceptible.

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