house – day 148 – screen time

It was one of those mornings, this morning, where even simple tasks seemed to take an age to complete. I had a few things to do at the flat and, as a result, we arrived later than I wanted at the house.

Today, I want to get the upstairs shower screen installed so that we’d be able to shower when we stay at the house. I thought it should take a couple of hours to complete, but it ended up taking the whole day trying to get the screen installed – even though I had already put the supporting channels in place yesterday.

I should have noticed the warning signs. The instructions that came with the German-made screen, specified a tolerance of plus or minus zero millimetres. A tall order in an Edwardian house. I knew I had built the dividing wall to an accuracy of at least 3mm, so I hoped there would be some flexibility in the installation. It turns out the Germans were right. It has to be spot on for the roller catches in the screen door to hold the door closed. In the end I had to re-drill the fixing holes and re-install the channels, before the door closed properly (and stayed closed).

By the time I came to sealing the shower unit with silicone sealant, I was pretty knackered, consequently I made a complete pig’s ear of it. Truth be told, I’ve never mastered the use of silicone sealant – it never behaves the way I want it to, but usually I seem to muddle through. This time I didn’t, although, my ineptitude was amplified by the bevelled tiles, which made getting an even-looking seal, the province of a very experienced professional – I wasn’t certainly up to the job.

I cleaned off the worst of it, with white spirit and left the rest to set, figuring it would be easier to fix, once it wasn’t sticking to everything it touched. Basically, I need to remove as much as I can and do it again.

Before returning to London, we got the bed assembled and out in our bedroom, Fiona, in the meantime had been clearing, cleaning and painting. We packed up and went back to the flat. We still didn’t have a shower and I was feeling completely exhausted.

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