house – day 147 – chance meeting(s)

It’s a lovely bright sunny day today and we’re off to the house to get a few more things sorted. First I’ve got some admin stuff to do at home and we’ll be going round to Jacky’s house to check on her progress, so I don’t imagine we’ll get a whole lot done today.

On the walk over to Jacky’s place, I registered with our local medical practice – I’m getting ever close to becoming a resident. Jacky’s house is coming on nicely, she’s now discovered a second well in her tiny back yard, which must be some kind of record (wells per square metre?). She’s still got a lot to do, if she’s going to have the house ready for a bunch of guests who are arriving for the start of the oyster festival, but if anyone’s able to do it, Jacky is. After house inspection, we picked up a picnic lunch from the excellent Windy Corner Stores and we all headed over to the beach. Near to Jacky’s house, Chris and his guys are building a house extension and, on the way back from Jacky’s place, we met Simon and had a quick chat. Hopefully, he and the others will be back at our house soon to finish the odds ends they still have to finish in in the kitchen. A little further on I met Calvin and his guys in town, had another chat and then got back to the house. One thing I have noticed in these parts, is everyone is up for a natter – it’s like being back up north. It certainly is a different pace of life from what we’re used to in London.

Back at the house, Paul was doing more paintwork in the living room, it will be soon time to put up the wallpaper. We popped out to collect the oak thresholds for the upstairs doorways and got back in time to meet the nice people from Lampkins flooring who’d brought over a piece of reclaimed carpet we could use, whilst our own bedroom carpet was making its way from the manufacturer’s. We didn’t want to place our bed on the dirty, dusty floorboards, it’s not nice first thing in a morning. The carpet is a bit smelly (dogs, fags) and a has a couple of stains, but we’ll clean it tomorrow. Once it’s clean, we can assemble the bed. Fiona painted the back room bedroom, again, and I grouted a few tiles in the bathroom (to join them to the timber at the end of the shower wall. I also made a cut in the wood around the back of the living room fire surround, this is so Paul can push the wallpaper behind it to make a much neater finish. I opened the shower door package (for the upstairs bathroom) and, once I’d worked out what to do, installed the screen supports in the shower cubicle. I’ll do the rest tomorrow, as I don’t want to cock it up. With a bed and a shower, we’ll finally be able to stay.

Our final jobs for the day were, me painting the bedroom door again, whilst Fiona cleaned the shower tray ready for the door to be installed, we left pretty late, although we still went to the beach to admire sunset, before driving back to the flat.

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