house – day 145 – blur

Looking back at the last few posts here, I feel it’s not easy to see what’s changed at the house day-on-day. We seem to be painting, sanding, cutting, chopping, cleaning up and clearing out every day, but not appearing to get much closer to moving in. Perhaps that’s the nature of this type of project. We spend a lot of time doing prep, where very little changes, then after a short period applying the top coats, installing fixtures, voila! The intended transformation is finally complete. For much of the house, completion is still some way off. Now, even with the photographs I’ve taken and the notes I’ve made, the days are becoming blurry. In the end, when we’re in the house, this will probably not be particularly important, but right now making a noticeable difference is vital in sustaining our motivation to continue with the project and sometimes it’s hard.

Before getting to the house today, I had a few errands to make. First, a visit to William Frances to order wood for the new upstairs thresholds, then on to Lampkins Flooring to choose some samples for the laminate flooring for the office (front bedroom), Fiona needs to see them before we Make our choice. We’re being practical in this room. We need a simple, clean, working environment and we need to save money. On the way back I called in at a garden centre, where there’s a sale on garden furniture. Nothing of interest here, it’s all a bit bland, conservative and pricey.

I finally arrived at the house around lunchtime. Paul was there, working on the living room. Chris wasn’t in evidence, although it turned out he’d been around earlier to pick stuff up.

I carried on working in the kitchen, filling the few remaining, visible holes in the woodwork and doing a little extra sanding where necessary, then I went for lunch (a sandwich on the beach) whilst the filler set. After lunch, I sanded the newly-set primer and then painted all the kitchen woodwork with primer.

Upstairs, I put a final coat of emulsion the shower ceiling and sanded the rough spots where the paint had dragged yesterday in the bathroom. After that, I painted all the woodwork in the bathroom. I felt I had a bit of time left before I should leave to go back to the flat, so I painted a base coat of emulsion on the recess around bifold doors. Another busy,  blurry day.

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