house – day 144 – heatwave

It is now, officially, a heatwave – five consecutive days of hot weather and don’t we know it? The current sunny spell is a hot news topic, is this all that’s going on in the world? Summer might have started late, but the silly season has arrived bang on time. Despite the heat outside, the house is staying pretty cool right now – especially as I won’t allow Fiona to open all the windows and doors. I don’t want the house filling up with pollen whilst I’m working – after the miserable, waste of time I had at the house a couple of weeks ago. It’s not just about the discomfort, when hay fever strikes, you work slowly and make mistakes.

At, the house, an alarm engineer came around and reconnected the control box properly, the wiring in the hall is now a lot tidier and that work is pretty much done now. Just an extra sensor and a smoke detector to install when we’ve finished decorating a couple of rooms.

Paul is getting on with living room and the colour scheme is beginning to look good. We carried on with more painting. Fiona is doing more painting in bathroom, but the higher temperatures are causing the paint to drag. We’ll have to do a little sanding, once it’s dried to fix it. I, in the meantime, primed more paintwork in the kitchen, the once grotty door frames are improving with every coat.

I had a look at the window apertures in the kitchen – the last remaining original windows in this part of the house. They need some work and they’re small. One window was in the pantry and the other belonged to the toilet (it still has frosted glass). As they were originally in relatively unimportant rooms, they’ve not been treated well. The woodwork lining the aperture of the old toilet window has similar paint to the old door frame. I’ll have to strip the wood here too. It’s even trickier work than the old door frames a few days ago. The window aperture is small, deep and has a uPVC frame surrounding it. I’ll have to be very careful where I point the hot air. After 45 minutes cramped,  hot, sweaty work, I got the wood stripped and it looks a lot better now. I didn’t scorch the window frame (phew!) but I did manage to scorch me a couple of times trying to get myself in a better position to scrape paint. Still, it’s clean now and should look a lot better when it’s primed and painted.

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