house – day 140 – measuring up

We’re getting measured for carpets today, hooray! It doesn’t sound like much, but it does get us another step closer to moving in. The carpet fitter is due in at 11:00, so I want to get to the house bright and early – and not have to worry about potential traffic problems, the A2 is stressful enough without any time pressures.

We arrived a little later than I wanted, but we had half an hour to spare before carpet time. I was out in the garden and was sorting something (can’t even remember what it was now), when I heard Fiona talking to someone in the house. I went inside and found Fiona was showing Steve from Lampkins Flooring around the house – he’d heard about our house from Chris.

Steve came up with a suggestion to fix the badly damaged (and not particularly well-fitted) thresholds in the internal doorways – replace the existing battered, painted timber with oiled oak. He suggested a local place to source the timber and even offered to lend me his pin nailer to fix the new thresholds down. I’ll buy one rather than borrow one. In addition to the thresholds, I’ve got a lot of quadrant to nail to the skirting boards and I can use it for picture framing when the house stuff is finished.

I took the scaffolding tower back downstairs and used it to paint the ceilings in the hall and living room. What a difference it makes, with the height-adjustable wheels I’m able to get the height absolutely spot-on for comfortable working. It took less than a couple of hours to get the ceilings done and the ceiling roses sanded.

Fiona did more painting in back bedroom and some clearing up

Whilst she was finishing off I cut and fitted a piece of wood to fill the gap between the bathroom wall and the trap door frame. The gap’s too wide to fill with filler or resin and it’s too narrow to plaster. It’s attending to little details like these that seem to take up so much of our time.

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