house – day 135 – overnighter

We left earlyish today, in the vain hope we’d beat the typical sunny Sunday, day-tripper traffic. It wasn’t to be, we were stymied by a typical weekend traffic accident – a low-speed nose to tail shunt, involving four cars. We arrived at the house about an hour later than we expected, I reckon we lost about half the time to rubber-neckers. Apart from the lost working time, arriving later in the day has another consequence – we can’t park near our house, so I had to stop on double yellow whilst we transferred stuff to the house and then park a long way away.

In anticipation of traffic issues, we’d booked to stay at the Premier Inn, for a final night (we hope), so that we won’t have to deal with weekend drivers on two journeys in one day and we can have an earlier start on Monday morning.

The work today, was much the same as yesterday, I carried on with the bathroom, filling, sanding and priming, Fiona carried on with her work in the back bedroom. I also tested the phone line again – still zero volts.

We packed up about eight o’clock and went to the hotel. We walked back down into town for a couple of drinks and an average curry.

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