house – day 134 – the final countdown

Once again, on the way to the house, we called in at Wickes to pick up stuff. This time, to buy timber to complete the shower partition. There isn’t a convenient Wickes near the house so I have to go to the one at Charlton. I thought I’d give their timber a try, after the B&Q fiasco, it might be straighter. Unfortunately Wickes only had 2.4m lengths of the planed timbering wanted, I really need 3m lengths. Anyway, I bought a multi-pack, deciding I’d join a couple of pieces together rather than search for a single, straight piece. In any case, I thought I might be able to use the other pieces for the panelling in the hall. It was a slow drive as I only used one strap to secure the package on the roof rack and didn’t want to risk losing the load. Still, driving slowly saved a litre or two of diesel. It was the usual high speed, impatient, inexperienced bunch of traffic on the road today, but I let them speed by whilst we cruised in the relatively unused inside lane.

As we had our task list from yesterday’s strategy session, we got to work as soon as we landed. Fiona got started on back bedroom decoration and I got to work on the end piece for the shower partition.

I opened the pack of timber and laid them out on the front reception floor. There’s not much difference between Wickes and B&Q it seems, not a single piece of wood was straight and untwisted I guess the binding and shrink wrap gives the illusion of straightness until you get the pack home. I chose two of the least distorted pieces of wood, ones with the fewest knots, propped them up on painter’s pyramids and primed them. Whilst the primer was drying I worked on the latch for the shower room door. We worked hard and stayed late, but departure time came all too quickly, we hadn’t ticked off many items on our list.

Most of the big stuff is complete now and we’re working on the myriad smaller items, this feels like we’re on the final run. Moving in still feels like a long way off, perhaps this is the start of the final countdown.

We drove home tonight, a little anxious about the (small) amount of work we’ve completed today. However, tomorrow we intend to leave the flat early and we’ll be staying overnight at the Premier Inn. We should be able to get more done than we achieved today.

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