house – day 133 – London to Cape Town

It won’t surprise any of my friends to know that I have maintained a spreadsheet detailing fuel consumption, costs and the mileage travelled between the flat and our new home. With the latest update, I find I have now driven over 9,000 miles since early March. The equivalent of driving from London to Cape Town (in 54 mile steps). No wonder the A2 is becoming a very familiar stretch of road. Hopefully, the high-mileage days will soon be behind us.

I’d taken the day off yesterday as I had been to the house eight days in a row and had a few admin things to catch up on, plus I felt I needed a rest. Yesterday was also the first Thursday of the month, time for our ex-reviewers monthly get-together, which meant a bit of a slow start for me this morning, thanks to the jolly time we had in the pub last night.

Today we had a bunch of errands to run on the way to the house. Things to return, pick up a few extra tiles for the step to the bifold doors, paint and wallpaper for the living room and suchlike. We also had a look around a local furniture place for some ideas about what we might do (even though we’re pretty much spent up right now). It was very quiet in the store and we had to keep fighting off bored/desperate sales people. We left feeling pretty uninspired – the stuff on sale was rather too conservative for us.

It was early afternoon when we arrived at the house. Calvin’s guys were there commissioning the central heating system. A little ironic we’re getting heating now, when the weather forecast is for a week-long spell of hot weather. This means the electricians have finished their work, so we should be getting a final bill from them pretty soon.

We were pretty hungry, so we went off in search of a late lunch. There was a cock-up with our food order, which meant we waited almost an hour to eat, by the time we got back to the house, the plumbers had gone and it was almost five o’clock. We really didn’t feel like getting changed and doing some decorating at this point. The weather was gorgeous and Fiona wanted to be outside to enjoy it. We decided today would be a planning day. We went from room to room noting the outstanding jobs and then went down to the beach to discuss next steps. We came up with a list of tasks to do over the weekend (and beyond) and then fell asleep in the sun. It’s going to be great when we can do this without feeling guilty about the work we’re not doing. Today, apart from the errands, we didn’t personally achieve much. However, we do now have hot water and heating at the house. Another major milestone.

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