house – day 122 – let the sunshine in

We went to Eltham DIY, first thing, to pick up paint testers. We need to buy the paint for Paul (the decorator) to use tomorrow, so we need to choose the colours we want today and then go out and get the paint. What an excellent shop Eltham DIY is, we came out with 13 testers (well, we have a lot of rooms to paint – the assistant told us a guy was in earlier and bought 40 pots). We also picked up the Paint Library swatch, as if we didn’t already have enough choice.

We arrived at the house late morning. The tilers are working upstairs now. They’d seen my note about the bathroom change, I explained why I wanted the change and said I’d pay extra. They were fine with it.

After chatting to the tilers, I went downstairs to the kitchen. I thought I had left the lights on, but no, it was natural daylight, the bifold doors are finally installed. What a transformation! Suddenly, the dark damp kitchen is light and airy. After working out how to unlock the new doors, I opened them and stepped outside. The temperature difference was striking. Although It was only around 19C outside, it felt positively balmy compared to the cool damp air in the house. Time to open the place up and get some fresh air circulating.

We painted sheets of lining paper with the testers, then had lunch in the car whilst the paint was drying. We chose the colours for the small front bedroom and for all the woodwork in the house (Little Greene Slaked Lime, intelligent eggshell). We’re still undecided about the other rooms for now, except for the all-white kitchen.

We were about to leave for Brewers in Canterbury, when Chris turned up. I hadn’t seen him for a few days and we talked about a number of issues. The bifold doors, are not quite finished, incorrect gaskets were delivered and, currently, the glass panels are currently wedged in place, so we’d better not use them for now. We also discussed the schedule (such as it is). When the plumbers and electricians should next come in and what needs to be completed before that and, naturally, we talked about the Benchmarx cock-up. We said we didn’t blame Chris for the mistake, it probably happened in the ordering/delivery process. We need to check the paperwork and get in touch with them.

Chris left and we went to Canterbury to spend over £300 on five tins of paint. Now, at least, Paul can get started on proper decorating tomorrow. Fiona finished cleaning the front bedroom ready for decorating work and I did a few odd jobs (tidying up, painting bits of primer) and left marked-up tins of paint in the bedroom ready for Paul. We left late(ish) but not as late as yesterday. Hay fever not too bad today and we’re looking forward to the decorating starting for real.

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