house – day 118 – thanks, Delroy

It was my intention to go to the house later than usual today, as I needed to pick up screws for the doors and some other items from Screwfix first. Part of my order wasn’t due to be at Charlton until midday, so I made use of the time by doing a bit of admin. I’d exchanged a few text messages about tiles and things with Chris – the tiler is due to start today.

I was just about to set off, when an email turned up, informing me the long-awaited shower mixers and shower heads were to be delivered by DPD in the afternoon. It was completely unexpected, as I’d been informed last week that they had been delayed by a further two weeks. So I cancelled my travel plans and decided to write up a few of the pending blog posts I’d drafted over the last few days, whilst I waited for the courier to turn up.

I hate waiting for deliveries. There’s always a paranoid suspicion that I’ll miss the doorbell or the doorbell won’t work or some other combination of circumstances will prevent me getting my stuff on the day. But this was a consignment via DPD. They give you a timed one-hour slot and they’re usually pretty reliable. The email said Delroy, their driver, was to deliver my package between 14:46 and 15:46. That would still give me time to get down to Screwfix and pick up the screws I needed, after the delivery and that will save time tomorrow. But the fucker didn’t turn up.

When it got close to the appointed hour, every time I heard a diesel engine, I went over to the window but it was never the sound of a DPD van parking up, it was always someother vehicle. Close to the end of the hour I just stood at the window and watched the traffic and waited (yes I am that paranoid). I even saw a DPD van drive by, but it didn’t stop. I carried on waiting for a further hour, just in case, but no deal. Fiona called and suggested I looked up the tracking number on the web, I did. Sure enough, there was an update. Delroy (or whoever the driver was) claimed to have attempted to deliver the package at 15:53, but no one was in. I don’t know where he went, but it certainly was not to the address on the consignment details. I know, I was there, all fucking day. And there was no “sorry we missed you” card waiting on the doormat either. Bugger!

Thanks Delroy, I’ve just wasted a day I can ill afford to lose. At least, I’d spent some of the time usefully, researching loft ladders and I now know which one to get, tomorrow. I’d rather have been working at the house, there’s still rather a lot to do.

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