house – day 112 – drainage issues

Simon and Andy were working on the soil pipe and inspection chamber when I arrived at the house today. The fall of the sewer pipes is very shallow here and water does not flow away quickly. The shallowness of the sewer means the inspection chamber stands proud of the existing footpath, which will now have to be raised a little when concrete is laid. Nothing is simple in this house.

I went upstairs and got on with rubbing down doors and filling. I also filled the new piece of skirting board and got started stripping the old pantry door which will be going under the stairs, whilst the filler was drying. After some more sanding and more filler, the doors were ready to paint, but lunch first. At least the sun came out (it was pretty gloomy earlier on), but the tranquility was shattered by a pair of idiot mothers shouting at their idiot kids and a barking dog on the beach. It was a relief getting back to the house. it’s not always relaxing on the sea front.

I painted the doors and skirting board with another coat of primer/undercoat. All the painted doors are now ready to hang.

Calvin came around to look at heating system filter and the toilet fill pipe, he agreed the filter should be moved above the central heating boiler and would get the toilet feed pipe moved once the floor was up.

Discussed timings with Chris and Calvin. We need to get the feed pipe moved, so the tiler can tile floor and walls, so electricians can finish work, then plumbers can commission system. I agreed to lift shower room floor panels, so the plumbing can be moved. And we’re still waiting for a replacement door panel so we can get the bifold doors installed and the kitchen finished.

When the guys had gone, I lifted the shower room floor panels to get to the water pipe. It was relatively easy. I decided it was easier to unscrew the boxing work Simon had recently installed, rather than cut across a panel and risk cutting pipes underneath. Except for the last panel (it’s always the last piece), which ran under the wall and was held down by a well-concealed screw. It took a me a while to find it, because of the dust and dirt on the floor.

After cleaning stuff, I fitted a missing piece of picture rail and did some filling in the kitchen and small hall. A bit more tidying up and then time to go home.

Finally, my hay fever kicked off this afternoon, it’s very late this year – about a month late. I left the house in glorious sunshine, with people heading to the beach, in the meantime I had an uncomfortable, snuffly drive home which was exacerbated by rubberneckers causing serious congestion on the A2. Grrr!

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