house – day 108 – Monday, door day

Doors seem to be a running theme with this project, but today is definitely a door day. The kitchen’s bi-fold doors are finally to be delivered today and I’ve got a lot of doors to paint.

The doors, frame and glass panels arrived in the morning. Unfortunately, one of them is marked “FAIL” on the quality control sticker. A new one should arrive tomorrow, but why bother delivering the reject? It’s not like it’s something you can pop in the post, it’s a bulky, heavy item. They must have their reasons.

Simon and Andy were outside digging out the sewer to put in an new inspection chamber and to remove the old iron soil pipe. Simon didn’t want to touch the toilet (don’t blame him) actually he doesn’t do plumbing, so I uninstalled the old bog. Rusty screws, meant drilling out the screw heads and it’s clear the soil pipe connection has leaked for some time. How can people live with that? Eventually I got the thing out and now we have nothing to go on. I hope we get the soil stack in soon, I can reconnect the old bog to use as a site toilet. Without it, it’s a walk down to the sea front if you need to go.

Paul’s upstairs continuing with the prep work in the back bedroom. The plumbers are here connecting more pipes and getting the waste pipes sorted for connection to the stack.

I went upstairs and painted nine door sides with primer. Once I’d done that, I got started stripping the bathroom door. It has a gigantic split in the main panel, so it has to be taken back to the wood. I wanted to get one side of the door completely stripped with the hot air gun, but I ran out of time, it was a gloomy day and it was getting too dark.

I quickly went around the house to see what had been done and photograph it, that’s when I spotted the feed pipe for the shower room toilet is too far way from the soil pipe. It has to be moved closer by about 100mm so that it fits inside the back-to-the-wall toilet pan.

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