house – day 107 – clearing again

We spent almost all day just clearing. We had to re-pack the cardboard for recycling, Canterbury Council has a new recycling system and we’d packed it for the old (ie bagged in polythene). I also moved the tiles around ready for the tiler and got some of the flooring tiles out of the shed. I took photos of the fence, as I’d forgotten to do that before.

Fiona gave the house and the workshop a good clean. Despite the fact I think it’s often a waste of time, it does make a difference. And people treat the place less like a building site when it’s cleaner. Fiona is happy with today’s work, me less so, I just want to get on with the real work.

Just before we left, I put out the recycling bins and some of the cardboard packages. Let’s hope they take it in the morning.

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