house – day 105 – another snag

Fiona and I were on our way to Maidstone to collect the truck, when I got a text message from Chris. The tiler was going to the house very shortly to have a look at the work we wanted to be done. Fiona got a message to Chris and we diverted to the house. It was a slow cross country journey, but the tiler waited for us.

I explained everything to him, he seemed satisfied with what needed to be done and said he’d get in touch with Chris with a price. He also said he would prefer to use his own adhesive, so now I have eight 10 kilo bags of tile adhesive to return to N&C.

I said hello to Paul and had a look around house. There was a note on the wall from the plumbers on the wall in the shower room – the shower tray is still too low for connection to the drain outside.

There were also a couple of snags in kitchen – nothing serious – just trim that needed to be more precisely aligned. Simon and Andy had been busy yesterday – the shelves in the peninsular work top were complete, the pipe boxing done and it was all looking pretty good.

By now, Fiona had already disappeared to meet Jacky for lunch, so I thought I’d better head over to Maidstone to get the truck collected and the courtesy car returned.

The truck was fixed and the air con re-gassed and the bill was quite a bit less than I expected, even less than the estimate I’d been given last week. It took a little time to get used to the truck again after driving such a light car and I must say it felt much better than before, Tighter and less noisy and the air con was working again. Not sure why changing a wheel would have such an effect, but I don’t think I was imagining it.

When I got back to the house, Chris was there. We discussed the drain issue and came up with a solution but it involves more drainage work and, therefore more money. I also showed him the kitchen snags, which he agreed to fix. .

He likes the new appliances he’s installed, especially the damped retractable switches on the ovens, I showed him the detachable hob control which he thought was pretty cool.

Chis left (he was on his way out when I turned up) and I got back to work prepping doors.

Calvin came round, he had an idea about shower problem too. He agreed that we couldn’t raise the shower tray any more. I explained the one Chris and I had discussed – he was happy with our solution. So that’s what we’ll do.

I discussed the remaining plumbing work with Calvin and showed him the progress in the kitchen. He likes it.

I spent rest of day prepping doors for painting tomorrow, whilst Fiona, now back from lunch, cleared vegetation from the front garden. Once she’d filled the recycling bin, she started on the grass in the back garden. It was slow progress using a small strimmer. We now have a small patch of slightly shorter grass.

Time for home, things are moving on.

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