house – day 101 – new rose(s)

Yesterday, I sort of had a day off. Doug and I did a recce of the sites we’ll be taking people to for a photography trip we’re doing for the Museum of London Docklands, it was work, but at least it wasn’t DIY. It was also an opportunity for a jolly good lunch in one of my favourite pubs.

Today, however, it’s back to renovation and DIY.

I’d only been at the house for a few minutes when the guy from Margate rang to say the celling roses were ready. I went straight over and got there earlier than I said (unlike Friday), so I had to hang around for a bit. The celling roses were surprisingly heavy, they were still very wet. (Well, they had only been poured that morning.) I asked about fixing them, he said, he installed them “green” and used coving adhesive and screws. I said I had plasterboard adhesive. he said that would be OK.

I returned and took them in the house. There’s been a lot of activity this morning:

  • the boarding under the overhang is up.
  • the electricians have fitted most of the lights. Some can’t go up yet as we need to paint the ceilings first and to get the walls tiled.
  • the boiler is now plumbed in
  • the pipes for the downstairs shower have been moved. I can now install the last board.
  • the kitchen worktops are almost finished.

After a sandwich, I went upstairs and did some more work on the doors.

There’s also been another cock-up, the cables for the isolation switches in the kitchen are in the wrong place and the reason for this is really irritating. The plans for the kitchen show the end decor panels as being 25mm thick. In fact the ones delivered are only 18mm thick. With three panels installed, the length of the counter is therefore 21mm shorter than the dimensions originally marked out, which means the cooker unit end panel is tight up against the isolation switches, preventing the face panel from being fitted. So all the cables (six of them) have to be dug out of the wall and moved. It looks a mess and can be fixed, but it’s another job to do. Chris said he’d make it good – and it’s not his fault this has happened.

I reckon six steps forward and one back today – which still adds up to progress.

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