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The one-a-day project ended on 6 March, the project is complete.

It’s a month since I completed a full year of photos and a book of the project is in production. But now I’m not compelled to get a photograph every day, I feel there’s something missing.

So I’ve started a successor to one-a-day – the daily photo. It’s only a loose title. Whilst I will endeavour to take at least one photo every day, if circumstances don’t permit it, I won’t get too worked up about it. Whilst pressure is sometimes a force for good and can spur one on to an even better performance, it can often bring about stressed-out failure too. I didn’t realise how tense I was about getting a photo every day for the one-a-day project until it had finished.

For this new exercise, I’ve relaxed my rules a little. I’ll allow myself to improve the image, prior to uploading, to improve the overall look of the album. However, if I take only one photo in the day and it’s not very good, I will still publish it – although I will try to make it look better. A poor photo can be a salutary lesson, a reminder to take apply a little more thought and take more care the next time I press the shutter button.

So, starting from the 7th, there will be a new, hopefully daily, posting on this site – it will provide good blogging practice too. Keep an eye out for the tag “daily“.

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