starting over

As the guy in the Apple Store said as he replaced the trashed hard drive in my MacBookPro said, “… you should have sent it straight back when you got it”.

He was referring to the fact that, in the week between buying my MBP and getting it delivered, Apple had dropped the price of their MacBook Pros and upped the spec – and part of that upgrade was a larger hard drive (500GB rather than 360GB). It had crossed my mind, when I received it, to return the machine, but I was anxious to get up and running and 360GB seemed quite big enough for my purposes
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back to school

I’m back in the classroom for ten weeks, I’ve started a course on creative photography. Photography’s often a solitary (sometimes lonely) activity and it’s not often one gets a chance to discuss one’s work with anyone else and when you do it’s rarely in in any depth and classroom assignments provide a useful, external focus for one’s work. Going back to school seemed the best way to move things on.

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As a big fan and long-time user of Polaroid stuff, I’ve been following with keen interest, the course of the Impossible Project and eagerly anticipating the release of their first film. As soon as the email announcing the new film the landed in my inbox, I ordered a couple of packs – PX 100 Silver Shade / First Flush  – and, like so many things ones looks over-anticipates, the Impossible Project, has so, far delivered joy and chagrin in equal measure.
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Grain after the rain

Got caught in heavy rain a couple of days ago, but the dramatic skies after the showers had passed almost made it worth the drenching. On Saturday the weather looked like it was going to behave similarly, so I gathered together my D5000 and wet weather gear and headed out to the Isle of Grain. Been meaning to go there for a long while, but somehow had not got round to it. The object was to try and get some decent, sharp exposures – and perhaps a reasonable print out of one of them.
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festival time

Went to the Cheltenham Festival yesterday – Ladies’ Day – first time at Cheltenham for me and the first time I’ve been racing for a long, long time. Four of of us went along; me, Fiona, Bill and Doug and I took the old Polaroid 680 with me and a couple of packs of film plus the G9. One of the packs came with this Freitag limited edition Polaroid camera I bought a while ago which came with two packs of limited edition film and you’ll see a little truck logo on the Polaroids from this pack.
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one-a-day photo: first week

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about being (or becoming) a photographer – both in books and on the net. And one of the predominant memes I’ve encountered is the notion of taking at least one picture every day. It seems there are a lot of people producing 365 photographic diaries on the interwebs and I thought it would be a good idea to join them and start one of my own.

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ghosts of Rembrandt

Another festive occasion, Fiona’s birthday, so we broke out the Polaroid 600 One camera she got me for Christmas. Everybody just loves it , the process, the instant results and the iconic packaging, it’s an unbeatable combination at a party – the Impossible project has to be on to a winner – but the resulting images this time around are, shall we say, “interesting”.
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new kid on the block

In the last week or two, the artists have been hard at work down by the canal, busily painting each others’ artwork into oblivion. I’ve added the latest images shot on 10 February to the graffiti olympics gallery.

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Wombat Browning rehearsal

[topcolumn]Over the years I seem to have photographed quite a few friends’ bands – playing live, in studios or generally mucking about in the hope of getting an album cover out of it.[/topcolumn]

Recently, I was in a studio again with Wombat Browning, who were rehearsing for some upcoming gigs. It was a good opportunity for me to get some practice shooting in a different style and environment and to experiment with new workflows using DxO Optics, LightRoom and PhotoShop.
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