My name is Gordon Butler, I make photographs and web sites.

I was born and educated in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I graduated from art school in 1978 with a BA in 3-D Design and moved to London in 1980 to work as a systems programmer for Prestel – an early precursor of the internet. Since then, I’ve been a graphic designer, a design manager and a brand manager in new media. I left all that behind in 2002 to run a web-based company that I’d started with a friend in 1999. In early 2012 I sold my remaining shareholding in our company and I’m now free to concentrate on more creative work.

For more than thirty years I’ve carried a camera with me, photographing much I’ve encountered. In particular, I’ve recorded London as it’s changed over the last three decades.

My passion is photographing landscape. Our relationship with our environment is complex. We are shaped by it and we shape it. Our perception of landscape, our viewpoint, is constantly modified by the shifting balance between these influences. The aim of my photography is to encourage the viewer to contemplate this relationship.

This site is both a portfolio of my work and a workbook.

My photographs are available for licensing and for print sales.  If you’re interested in any aspect of what I do, please email using info at gordonbutler.me.