a new look

(click for a larger versionof the photo above, in a new window)

If you’ve visited my site recently, you will have noticed that it now looks quite different from the previous version that used the default WordPress theme.

Although the default WP theme (Twenty Eleven) is a very well designed theme, it doesn’t feature photography strongly enough, so I’ve changed it. I’ve put the site back online even though I’ve not finished updating it, so that my regular visitors won’t be disappointed. I’ve got quite a lot more to do to get the site into shape, but, I think it’s useable enough now for it to be back online. Please bear with me as I continue to update the site and apologies for any glitches in the meantime. Google search results and bookmarks should work as I’ve not changed the structure of the old data.

If you have any feedback, please email at enquiries@gordonbutler.me.

I know this photo posted with this blog has nothing to do with the web, but I couldn’t think of what to use for this item and I’ve not published it before, so why not?



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